Paid Advertising

Grow Ad Revenue with Paid Advertising

Create effective digital advertising campaigns for any brand or business on the most popular online ad networks and learn skills and key features on how to get the highest return on every dollar spent on advertising.

September 9, 2022

Masterclass Overview

Master the most popular digital paid ad platforms by creating revenue driven advertising campaigns. Learn how to remarket and retarget ads for effective customer conversion.

20 mins
Essentials of Paid Advertising
20 mins

About the course

You will learn how Paid Advertising can increase revenue with the highest returns on every dollar spent. Understand key features of the top paid digital advertising platforms.

Create effective advertising campaigns and grow brands or businesses to success.

Meet your instructor

Mizyal Wahid

Head of Private Traffic @ Daraz

Mizyal graduated in 2016, gaining a BSc. (Honors) degree in Economics from LUMS.

He is currently engaged as the 'Regional Head of Private Traffic' at Daraz - where his role involves consulting 200+ DarazMall brands and their marketing agencies on developing creative optimization and user-funnel strategy - to help improve the performance of their online campaigns and increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Prior to his current role, he worked as the 'Head of Facebook Marketing' for Daraz, where he managed performance marketing campaigns on the channel for all five Daraz countries. During that time, he led the project of 'decentralizing the performance marketing department' and played a crucial role in establishing local paid marketing teams in each Daraz country.

His area of expertise lies in optimizing online marketing budgets and developing cross-platform consistency in digital ads. In addition to his association with Daraz, Mizyal is also a 'Digital Marketing Trainer' at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), where he has delivered courses on Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategies for 100+ executives.

What you will learn

Why Paid Advertising can increase revenue for businesses and how it is the most powerful skill to learn as it drives traffic to online businesses through remarketing and retargeting for customer retention and conversion.

Identifying what Paid Advertising is and what are its formats

Key concepts involved in Remarketing & Retargeting

Native Advertising and Social Media Advertising

Love from around the world

Moments of gratitude shared by our apprentices and mentors.

Taiwo Alawiye


I like the fact that the learning files were really indepth and easy to recap on the lessons learned. I also like the fact that I was not only paired with a mentor but the mentor kept checking on me to find out if I have issues.

Ather Rasool


From live sessions to toolkits and tasks, the material is well-organized to maximize the learning experience. Overall, I would give it five stars for the quality of cohorts

Augustine Chukwunta


For me, this platform has provided me with valuable digital marketing insights from professionals from all walks of life in the digital marketing industry, as well as broadened my horizons. I'm now ready to launch a marketing campaign.

Okoli Benjamin


Qureos offers an avenue for young people across the globe to practice and improve their soft skills while working for companies and getting rewarded

Maryum Usmani


The learning experience with Qureos was in-depth, self-paced, and mentor-led on a variety of essential topics and skills that are valuable in the business world. I especially like the fact that the activities are set at a higher standard of work, and you are constantly being pushed to refine your skills further

Ilias Ait Tayeb


Love the diversity of cohorts, user friendly website and the community of helpful mentors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a masterclass?

A masterclass is a specific event hosted by a Mentor where the Apprentices sign up and end a session with a Q/A round or live training session by a Mentor which is followed by the completion of a project spanning over a week

When does the learning path start?

Once you have bought the learning path. We will send out an email to notify you of the start dates.

Can I work remotely?

Qureos is designed to suit a remote working environment. We also have a wide range of part-time/full-time and remote/in-person projects in various countries all over the world.

Who are the mentors?

Qureos mentors are top 1% industry experts with years of experience who are driven to nurture the next generation of young talent and give back to the student community.

How do I access the job opportunities?

Once you complete the entire learning path and receive the certificate, you will be shortlisted for interviews.

Do I have to take each masterclass?

We recommend going through the masterclass in the order presented but it is possible to complete each masterclass your own pace. Recordings will also be available.

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